What’s on the Ingredients List?

Last week, my wife and I decided to have a salad for lunch. Being a health conscious family we always keep healthy choices of salad dressing handy. So we went into the fridge to get salad dressing for our meal. My wife grabbed the bottle, paused and said, “I wonder what’s really in this supposedly healthy salad dressing.” As she read the ingredients, she turned at me said, “Honey, I am not eating this. Do you see wants in this stuff?” She swiftly tossed the dressings in the trash.

Since then, I have decided to make my own salad dressing. When it comes to nutrition it is vital to realize that you should consume things in its natural form or closest to its natural form as possible. So this means passing on the items that have ingredients with extra long names and are high in sugar and other possible harmful ingredients.

Here is an example- try to guess what salad dressing this is:

Water, Vinegar, Sugar, Corn Syrup Dried, Salt, Cheese Parmesan, Milk Cows Made From, Chesse (Milk Part Skim, Cheese Culture, Salt, Enzyme(s)), Onion(s) Juice, Molasses, Phosphoric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Whey, with Potassium Sorbate and, Calcuim Disodium EDTA As Preservatives, Pepper(s) Bell Red Dried, Propylene Glycol Alginate, Yeast Extract, Spice(s), Buttermilk Fat, Lemon(s) Juice Concentrate, Garlic Dried, Caramel Color, Milk Skim, Sodium Phosphate, Enzyme(s), Disodium Phosphate, Oleoresin Paprika, Dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)

(I will reveal the answer in my next post)

So rather than using the above ingredients, here is a list of ingredients for a lemon olive oil vinaigrette that I make myself.

Apple cider vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice (from a fresh lemon), honey, salt, pepper.

Mix these ingredients together. Add little or a lot of each ingredient to suit your taste (go very light on the salt.

Enjoy healthy eating!

Weight Loss Coach & Trainer

Rob Turner

8 Tips for Your Weight Loss Journey for the New Year

  1. Set your goals – If you don’t have a clear destination then you are wandering aimlessly. Make sure you have clear goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and has a time frame.
  2. Change your mind – When it cold in your house, you change the thermostat in order to change the temperature. Relatively, if you want to change your body, it starts by changing your mind. So you must adjust your mindset in order to be successful. You must free your mind of any perceived barriers and become conscious of making the best decisions in nutrition and lifestyle.
  3. Restructure – Set your environment up for your success. At home, get rid of all the junk (processed foods), and fill your home with whole foods (fresh veggies, fruits, and lean proteins).
  4. Strategize – Set up your schedule to make fitness fit. Plan your workouts ahead to ensure that you do not miss a workout.
  5. Get accountability – Find a support group that will hold you accountable for reaching your goals. Find family, friends, and fitness peers that will motivate, encourage, and support your efforts. Get around people who are moving in the same fitness direction as you.
  6. Get plenty of rest – Lack of sleep can stall your efforts. Getting your eight hours of sleep vital. Proper sleep allows your body to repair and rebuild effectively; also it allows you to operate with a clear and sharp mind.
  7. Drink water, water, and more water. – With the body being made up of approximately 75% water, efficient hydration is critical. Drinking water promotes fat burning, health, functionality, and results.
  8. Have patience and persevere – Hard work + Time = Results. Don’t be discouraged because results are not happening fast enough or to your like. If you stay discipline, diligent, and dedicated, change will come. Remember this is not an overnight process, this is a lifestyle change.

Need a sure solid 9- day or 30-day plan to help you get your eating habits and energy back on track, or to kick off your New Year’s resolution?  Check out the Isagenix 9-Day Deep Cleansing and Fat Burning System or the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System. With these systems, you’ll infuse your body with the nutrition it needs, give your body a break from the junk that it doesn’t and rediscover the energy you might be struggling to find.

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Two Week Weight Loss and Fat Burn Challenge

Will you need something to get you back on track after eating too much turkey?

I want to share with everyone this dynamic 2 week challenge that will kick start your weight loss and fat burning quest for a transformed body. I am currently utilizing this fitness and nutrition strategy and I want to challenge you; especially during this holiday season.

In two weeks I have notice the transformation in my entire body. My waist is shrinking and my abs are getting firm and hard. I want you to focus on taking two weeks to accept this challenge and be disciplined in transforming your body.

I encourage you to try this formula for 2 weeks and I believe you will see results.


  1. Have 3 meals and 1 snack every day.
  2. Eat veggies with every meal; preferably salads, steamed, grilled, and oven roasted veggies.
  3. Consume fish as your main source of a complete protein (salmon, tuna, etc.).
  4. Eat nuts as a source of protein and fiber. Add and handful to a salad during a meal.
  5. Enjoy fruit for your sweet tooth (oranges, pears, strawberries, etc.)
  6. Snacks
    1. plain yogurt (with fruit or honey)
    2. fruit
    3. veggies
  7. Water, water, and more water

Avoid bread, pasta, oats, cheese, milk, fried foods, chips, sweet snacks, candy, and sugary beverages.


Workout 4 days per week. Whether you go to the gym, boot camp, dance fitness, or go for a run make sure your get in 4 workouts per week; include resistance in your workout at least 3 of the 4 days.

Want to take your challenge to the next level? Try the 9 day deep cleansing and fat burning system.


The Weight Is Over!